I36DUA Intel LGA1366 Solution

Excellent thermal performance and ultra silent
1.99.97% pure copper and heat pipe technology provides high thermal conduction to cool your system
2.Patented clip design for easy installation.
3.Patented universal retention module for Intel LGA775, AMD K8(754/939/940)
4.PWM/Active/Manuel control , CPU temperature can be controlled automatically and get ultra silent.
5.Patented two ways side blowing airflow technology for getting high performance.


Whether your aim is to silence the system or increase cooling performance, this sophisticated heat sink will accomplish both tasks with flying colors.


Thermal and Mechanical specification:
Thermal Resistance 0.18/W
Thermal Interface Material ShinEtsu X-23-7762
Dimension L117 x W114 x H116 (mm)
Components specification:
Heat Sink
Producing Type Stacked Fin and Soldered
Material Pure Copper - C1100
Back Plate SECC with EVA
Type of Fixing 4-in-1 Retention Module
Fan size 80x80 (mm)
Rated Voltage 12 (V)
Ampere 0.15~0.10 (A)
Fan speed range 1300~ 3500 rpm(PWM).
Maximum air flow rate 38.65 CFM
Maximum air static pressure 10.00mmH2O
Bearing type One ball one sleeve
Acoustic noise 19 dB(A)
Life time 50000 hrs


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