Ultra quite fan and dense aluminum fins helps to spread the heat and achieves a high cooling performance at minimum air flow.



Description Socket Type Intel LGA1156 Socket
Cooler dimension 124 * 124 * 61.5 mm
Fan Spec Dimension 90 * 90 * 25 mm ( R )
Bearing type Two Ball bearing/ one ball one sleeve bearing/ EBR bearing
Rotational Speed 1200~2600 rpm ± 300rpm (PWM)
Acoustic level 19~28 dB(A)
Life 60000 hrs/ 50000 hrs/ 40,000 hrs
Airflow 14~30 CFM
Voltage DC 12V
Thermal  Interface  Material High performance thermal grease
Application Intel® Core™ i5 Processor all series
Remark According to customer’s system thermal and acoustic level requirement, ThermalFly can depends on request to make customization model.Push pin and screw spring fastener available.


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